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Eric and Naomi owners of Township 27

Meet Eric & Naomi

Eric's love for food started back when he was a teenager. His folks would take extended holidays in the winter, and would leave him with a freezer full of food, some cash for fresh groceries, and a number of cookbooks. He very quickly learned what went with what, and always enjoyed creating new combinations, some worked, many didn’t at first, but he ate them anyways! 

He stole his wife Naomi’s heart with Italian chicken breasts with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese with Caesar salad, and the rest is history! His family’s idea of a holiday generally centered around where we could go to enjoy new cultures and exciting food experiences.

Naomi was fortunate enough to be raised in a household where food meant comfort and love. She learned to cook with her mother and, later, she and her husband, Eric, passed that love of good food prepared well onto their daughters. Over the years, she and Eric started to develop their own recipes and find great joy in sharing their love of food with friends and family. On a more personal level, Naomi spends a lot of her time thinking about what and when she is going to eat next.


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Chili Peppers

Peppercorns, Salts and Chilis


Sauces, Oils & Vinegars

Salt and Pepper shakers

Pantry Herbs & Spices


Spice Rubs &
Spice Blends

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Farm to Table

Live in moments that matter.

Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are sourced for our rubs, spices, condiments and dressings.

We prepare our products by hand in small batches to maintain the full flavour and freshness that our customers expect. We minimize salt and sugars wherever possible without compromising flavour. Our ketchups are prepared without added sugars or artificial sweeteners of any kind, still maintaining that “wow” taste!

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So far I've tried the peach, and maple syrup bbq sauces and they are like nothing I've ever had before! The flavor is amazing, they're affordable, and the varieties are endless!
I will continue to buy their sauces!

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For People Who Love Food

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