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At Township 27, we are much more than our products.

Food brings people together: families, friends, acquaintances old and new. 

We share what good nutritious food and the food culture can do for us: health, happiness and sense of community through the food that we source, prepare and enjoy together.

Because we are small-batch custom blenders, we have the ability to develop spice blends and rubs in quantity for chefs, restaurants, and other producers. 

We will be hosting cooking events in partnership with local producers and chefs, along with vintners, brewers, and spirits manufacturers. This will allow us to showcase our products and those of our local producers. We will also be featuring recipes and how-tos on our blog.

Stay tuned for lots of fun and enjoyment of our local and Canadian food culture.




Our niche is the quality of our ingredients: only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are sourced for our rubs, spices and condiments.

Wherever possible we source whole dried products from our supply chain. We custom grind our chilis, black pepper blends and corianders to obtain the exact consistency and taste we are looking for. That gives them the “wow” factor that keeps folks coming back for more. 

We prepare our products by hand in small batches to maintain the full flavour and freshness that our customers expect. We minimize salt and sugars wherever possible without compromising flavor. 

Our catsup enjoys a cult following already!  The only sugars found in this sauce are those that are naturally found in the tomatoes alone without added sugars or artificial sweeteners of any kind. Our blend of ingredients creates the wow factor that is especially loved by children!

Our Barbeque and other sauces are blended for maximum flavor while keeping salts and sugars as low as possible, maintaining that taste profile that we are looking for.

We are developing new spice blends, rubs, sauces and dressings which will be rolling out on a regular basis.

Due to the rising number of requests from our barbeque enthusiasts, we will be producing bulk quantities of the barbeque rubs for sale as well. These will be available soon, watch our social media for launch dates!
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