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  • Chef Eric

Feature Product - Big Meat

There is no other product we could feature on a week dedicated to smoking, than Big Meat. This is the original Township27 blend created specifically for smoking larger cuts of meat.

Fantastic for large cuts of pork, beef, elk, bison, and venison. Garlic, onion, and fresh ground chilis make up the foundation of this rub. Big Meat enhances the flavor of the meat but does not overpower it.

With higher garlic and onion levels, this blend can be used like a marinade, leaving the rub to sit and enhance the flavor without drying out the meat. Big Meat has lower salt, no added sugar, and is gluten free.

And of course, you can also try this on popcorn, like all of our blends. Roasted potatoes and french fries also love Big Meat.

Try it on a roast or brisket and tell us what you think! Try some Horsing Around as a perfect pairing to a Big Meat Roast.

Stay tuned for Friday's Weekend Meal Inspiration and the reason Big Meat was made - Brisket.

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