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Feature Product - Death by Pork

Death by Pork was the first of our "Chef's Line" of spice blends and Rubs with Chef Marc Swiednicki (The Viking Chef). With a bit of a Mexican theme, we created this rub with a blend of ground chiles, garlic, a touch of organic ground pineapple, and other herbs and spices.

Death by Pork is a delicate, complex but rich blend, with a “layered” approach; not all of the flavours come at you at once. Rather, the blend unfolds as you eat.

Chef Marc wasn’t quite prepared for the level of freshness of our pantry ingredients, which resulted in 8 versions of the blend before it met his vision! A few of the aromatic herbs and spices were so pure and fresh, they kept overpowering the balance that Chef Marc was seeking. We kept at it, and the result was a blend that went to our number one seller for over a year!

This rub is fantastic on pretty much anything!

Try it with:

  • All cuts of pork

  • Popcorn

  • Hi Fiber Vegetables

  • French fries and roasted potatoes

  • Chicken

  • Fish and Seafood

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