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Feature Product - Heather's Own

Updated: Apr 17

Bringing your requests to life.

Heather, one of our Township employees, had a request one day. Her mom had a favorite salad dressing that she brought back from winter trips to the US every year. A champagne vinaigrette, the ingredient list was full of preservatives and fillers that we don’t use in our products.

With the champagne vinegar as inspiration, we created some test batches in the Township kitchen. Balancing the strength of the champagne vinegar was tricky but by using a blend of champagne and white wine vinegar paired with the unique flavor of tamarind, we created our own clean version of a champagne vinaigrette. This bold dressing can stand up to strong cheeses, spiced nuts, and tart fruit.

Our favorite salad to make with Heather’s own is mixed red and green leaf lettuce, crispy fried prosciutto, candied walnuts, diced strawberries, and blueberries. Toss together with Heather’s own and enjoy!

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