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Feature Product – Horsing Around & Hot Horse

“I don’t normally like horseradish, but I like this.”

We hear this all the time at the markets. One smell or taste is usually all it takes for someone to pick up a jar of Hot Horse or Horsing Around.

The recipe came about when Eric was cooking dinner for The Viking Chef. Playing around with a few different recipes and testing Township27 chilies, Eric tested and tasted to find the best heat and flavor profile. Horsing Around quickly became one of Township27’s best selling product.

“Can you make it hotter?”

We can always make something hotter, but we won’t do it at the expense of flavor. We started with the original recipe and slowly added to it, tasting every addition. This version has more of the same high-quality horseradish we have in Horsing Around, with an added touch of Township27 Ghost Pepper.

Ghost Pepper can quickly make overpower a recipe, so we only use a tiny amount. Without sacrificing the taste from the original, we created Hot Horse, for those of you that crave more heat.

Not Just for Steak

The two products can be used interchangeably depending on your crowd and their heat tolerance. Some of our favorite ways to use it are:

· A sauce for grilled or smoked steak.

· A sauce for grilled or smoked roast or brisket.

· A sauce for steak bites (see our Township27 recipe here).

· A substitute for mayonnaise.

· Salad dressing – on its own with coleslaw or added to your favorite dressing.

· Mixed with sour cream for a baked potato topping.

· Chip dip.

· As a garnish for tomato soup.

· Mixed with a touch of white wine and served on salmon.

· On pizza! Yes, on pizza, check back on Friday for our homemade steak and horseradish pizza!

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