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  • Chef Eric

Feature Product – Maple Vinaigrette

This week’s feature product is our newest salad dressing – the Viking Chef Maple Vinaigrette! This is the second collaboration dressing with Marc Sweidnicki, AKA The Viking Chef.

Use this for salads with apples, bacon, nuts, spinach, broccoli. With this dressing you could even use the dressing to sauté apples and serve the salad warm.

With rich delicious Canadian Maple Syrup, this dressing is for more than just salad. Other ways to enjoy:

  • Add some into your bacon for the last few minutes of cooking.

  • Toss with veggies before roasting – try sweet potato, Brussel sprouts, carrots, or other root vegetables.

  • As a marinade for salmon.

  • As a glaze on pork chops.

Tell us your favorite ways to enjoy our Maple Vinaigrette.

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