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Feature Product – Mexican Mystery

This week’s feature product is Mexican Mystery. This blend is a full flavoured earthy blend of 4 dried chiles, with Township27’s Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika and other herbs and spices.

While there are many options for commercial Taco Seasoning or Mexican Blends, there are some key ingredients that set Mexican Mystery apart from some of the options available in your regular supermarket.

The first ingredients that set Township27 apart are the ingredients we don’t have in our blend. We don’t have thickeners, additives, or fillers. You will not find any corn or wheat flours or starches, maltodextrin, or silicon dioxide in any of our products.

When it comes to chilis, Township27 does not put in chili pepper or chili powder. If you have followed Township27, you know that we source, import and grind over 15 different unique chilis. Check out one of our past blog posts, Kitchen Talk - Some Like it Hot, Guide to Chilis for more information on our ground chili line up.

For Mexican Mystery we balanced 4 difference ground chilis for flavor and heat. The combination of Ancho, Morita, Guajillo, and Pasilla give the blend earthy, smoky, sweet and heat flavors.

This blend is fantastic with carnitas, tacos and pretty much any meat that would like to show its Mexican side! A bit hotter than the other blends, but still mild enough to make a kid-friendly batch of chili.

Try it in:

  • Carnitas or tacos, with beef, pork or chicken

  • Pork roast

  • Chili

  • Mixed with cheese blends for a Mexican dip

  • Popcorn

Enjoy, and be sure to tell us on social media what you use Mexican Mystery for!

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