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Kitchen talk - Intro to the Q!

Updated: Apr 17

Spring is here, and as the snow melts, we start to think less of comfort food and more about backyard BBQ’s. Over the next four weeks, we are going to walk through some topics around BBQ. We’ll start with some basics, and end with some pro tips on smoking from Eric.

BBQ Basics

Gas versus Charcoal

The great debate! Everyone has a preference, and each preference is based on different criteria. Convenience and speed for gas, smoke and flavor from charcoal. How many of you on here have both and swap back and forth depending on what you are cooking or how much time you have? In the end, both are great!

The food site Serious Eats posted the article Charcoal vs Gas Grills – The Definitive Guide, which includes this handy chart for comparing the two.

At the end of the day, what works for you personally is best.

Cleaning Your BBQ

If you search the internet for the best way to clean your BBQ, hundreds of articles will appear. There is no one right way to clean your BBQ, but the most important tip is to make sure you do clean your BBQ.

Improper BBQ cleaning after every use can cause a build-up of rust, scale, mold, bacteria and carcinogens. Scrubbing thoroughly after each use helps ensure you aren’t ingesting those leftover particles stuck to the grates. Think of it like this – would you keep cooking with a dirty pan?

This also prevents cross-contaminating of your food. You wouldn’t want your grilled dessert fruit to taste like the jerk chicken you cooked last night, would you? Cross-contamination can also cause food poisoning.

Leaving food particles or grease on your grill to sit can also attract pests, or cause flare-ups. Keeping it clean will help keep both at bay and make your grill heat up faster, saving on fuel. The better care you take of your BBQ, the longer it will last, and the better your food will taste.

Scraping your BBQ after you cook is a great practice to get into, which will help prevent some of the problems we mentioned and extend the life of your grill.

A thorough cleaning at least once a season is also recommended. Popular Mechanics has a great article on How to Clean Your BBQ Grill to give it a deeper clean.

Brush Versus Wooder Scraper

We sell wood BBQ scrapers at Township27. Why?

According to Grill Safe, wire or metal grill scrapers are a health and safety risk. Metal or wire bristles can become dislodged from the brush and stick to your food. Ingesting these pieces is a serious safety risk for anyone. The wire and metal can also scratch or damage the grill, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your grill.

Wooden scrapers, however, are a clean and natural alternative. The wooden scrapers leave no debris behind, and prolonged use contour to perfectly fit your grill. The hot grates gradually sear down grooves in the wood, often in as little as three uses. Once the grooves are set, the scraper will be a perfect fit to clean your grills thoroughly.

With some basics covered, follow us for the next few weeks as we dive deeper into how to BBQ. From beginners to weekend warriors, we will help you make the most of this BBQ season.

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