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Kitchen Talk – Custom Products and Bulk Orders

In one of our previous blog posts we shared the story of how some of our chef inspired collaboration blends came to be. A common love of food and friendship has led to several of our Township27 products including:

  • Death by Pork Spice Blend

  • Viking Chef Moroccan Blend

  • The Viking Raging Cajun Spice Blend

  • "My Favourite Viking Jerk!" Spice Blend

  • the Viking Chef White Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Southern Roots Cajun/Creole Spice Blend

  • Southern Roots Swamp Boil!

  • Southern Roots Blackening Spice Blend

In some cases, other products came from customer requests, like these three products:

But did you know that we also do collaborations and custom blends for people or businesses for their own use? It always starts with the simple question:

Do you think you could make “this” for me?

Of course we can!

Do you make your own sausage and want to create your own signature blend using quality ingredients without having to do all of the leg work?

Do you own a restaurant or catering business and want signature blends, sauces or dressings customized for your menu?

Do you have a need for quality ingredients for your own products but don’t need large quantities?

Do you want to buy our products in bulk?

Ask us anything, and we’ll take the ideas to the test kitchen. We love people who love good food, and we are thrilled when we get to take your ideas to the test kitchen and bring them to life. We know the smile when we've hit the mark on exactly what you want.

Do you have an idea for a product you need or would like to see? Let us know!

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