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  • Chef Eric

Kitchen Talk - Farmer's Market, Delivered Right to Your Door.

Through May we will continue to highlight local vendors and producers. When you support local you contribute to strengthening both economy and community while discovering the amazing quality available right in your back yard.

It is often assumed that the only place to buy local is at markets. While markets are a fantastic way to check out local products and find favorite vendors, not everyone has the time or opportunity to fit in-person markets into their schedules.

That’s where our friends at Cultivatr come in. Farmer’s market quality, sourced locally and delivered to your doorstep.

Cultivatr, an online farmers’ market, delivers natural, antibiotic-hormone-free, cost-efficient, and locally sourced food products to your home. They are building a business around reconnecting people with home-grown nutritious food in an environmentally, socially, and ethical way.

Cultivatr offers meat, dairy, locally grown and raised produce, and a full line of locally made products. From bakery to pantry, snacks, beverages and pre-made meals, they can supply all your grocery needs. On their website, you can learn about the community of farms and suppliers they have chosen to work with.

You can feel good about what you are buying because Cultivatr has done the work to source fresh, local, quality products.

Cultivatr also carries Township27 products, just one more way to restock your favorite Township27 products. Now delivering in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas, check out Cultivatr today to have farmer’s market quality delivered to your door.

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