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Kitchen Talk - How do you really know if you're supporting local?

We hope you enjoyed BBQ month in April! Heather from our Township27 team tried smoking for the first time on the weekend using the 3:2:1 method to smoke a beef roast on a gas grill. Not bad for a first attempt!

If you tried any of our tips from April send us a note and let us know how it went.

Buy Local!

Buy local, buy local, buy local. We hear that phrase a lot these days, especially post-pandemic. Through that time, local businesses were struggling, and there was a huge push to help these businesses survive. By buying locally, you supported the local economy and your neighbours and friend. The bonus: most people realized how good local products are. From produce to pantry, meat to cheese, buying locally made or grown food just tastes better.

But, how can you be assured that what you are purchasing truly was made, grown or raised locally? Thankfully, there are a few things to look for.

Alberta Farmers Market Association Certification

In April, Township27 received AFMA verification.

The AMFA’s Mission is:

“The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) fosters partnerships to stimulate farmers’ market initiatives; works collaboratively to assess, develop and implement policies and guidelines that will strengthen the quality of farmers’ markets in Alberta; provides support to our member markets, vendors, managers, boards and sponsors through advocacy, education, promotion and innovation.”

By supporting AFMA-certified members, you can be assured that your purchase has been made, grown, raised, or created in Alberta. This certification is available to primary food producers, value-added food products, and artisan and craft products.

Made In Alberta

The Alberta Food Processors Association have added a Made in Alberta labelling program. Look for the Made in Alberta label at your grocery store and local markets.

By consciously purchasing Made in Alberta products, we can have an impact on our communities:

“By purchasing local, you are directly supporting Alberta’s growers, farmers, producers and processors. It supports our economy, builds up our communities, and helps ensure a sustainable and prosperous future. When we choose local, we support our neighbours.”

Township27 has been awarded membership for the program and will be labelling all products made right here in Airdrie, including our spice blends, sauces, and salad dressings.

Highlighting Local

We work with, source from, and support many local vendors in Southern Alberta. Throughout May, we are going to highlight a few by incorporating their products into our weekly meal inspiration. We hope you enjoy.

Look for posts highlight Your Local Ranch, Souto Farms, HGB Bison, and MicroAcres. If you tried any of our tips from April send us a note and let us know how it went.

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