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Kitchen Talk - Some Like it Hot, Guide to Chilis

What is a Scoville unit and at what level does it burn your lips off?!

A Scoville unit is a unit of heat helped to classify the many chilis in the world. From the sweet red pepper at zero, up to two million Scoville units, the range of heat and flavor changes with the type of pepper and where it originates from.

At Townshi27 we bring in chilis right from the source and grind them ourselves (and have learned the hard way to not get to close to the grinder when we open it up!). We are always looking to add new chilis to the line-up and to experiment with the best ways to show off the flavors.

There is debate in the world about which chili holds the record for the hottest chili. The Trinidad Scorpion and the Carolina Reaper both hold claim to the hottest chili in the world at two million Scoville units. Not for the faint of heart, these chilis carry excruciating heat and are to be used with caution.

Some chilis carry instant heat at varying levels, like cayenne pepper. Others, like the Aji Panka, carry intense flavor with a late heat profile. Heat tolerance is an individual preference, but used correctly, chilis like the Aji Panka can be used to compliment and balance other flavors.

In our creamy horseradish, Horsin’ Around, Aji Panka is used to offset the bite from the horseradish and the creaminess tempers the heat. In our hotter version, Hot Horse, we up the Aji Panka and add a touch of Ghost Pepper to kick up the heat and flavor.

At Township 27 we never add chilis just to make something hot. Some chilis, like the Morita, add an earthy flavor while others, like the pasilla, add a smoky flavor. Some chilis can even be used to add sweet and heat flavor to your dish. Marash is a mild chili that can add complex flavor without intense heat.

The guide below gives you the range of chilis Township carries. Ask us to help you find the chilis for your flavor and heat preferences and check back as we are always adding to the line-up. Ditch your plain old chili powder and impress at the next office chili cookoff.

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