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  • Chef Eric

Kitchen Talk - The Ranch House Meat Company

To finish off our May tribute to supporting local, we have one more shop to highlight! We hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of our partners and vendors this month, and be sure to support your favorite local businesses, wherever local is for you.

While we have collaborated with chef's outside of Alberta from the beginning, our first out of province vendor was the Ranch House Meat Company in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.

One of our Township27 team members has family in Shaunavon, and always stops by the Ranch House when she is in Shaunavon. Last June, she dropped off some samples of Township27 blends, and they have been a great customer ever since.

If you stop by the Ranch House to restock your favorite Township27 products, be sure to grab some Beer, Honey garlic, or Vinceroni Stix. The steaks are also fantastic! And the cowboy cut bacon, and the Jalapeño & Cheddar Smokies, and the three cheese sampler packs...oh hell, its all good!

Congratulations to the new owners, Cory and Shelby, who took over in November, 2022, and special thanks to Melissa!

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