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Feature Product - No Missed Steak

Updated: Apr 17

This week’s feature product is No Missed Steak!

No Missed Steak is a traditional spice rub. This one is slightly smoky from the Township27 Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika, with fresh ground chilis and a 4-pepper blend for a bit more kick. Not overwhelming; it really enhances the flavour of whatever you put it on.

Our favorite ways to use No Missed Steak are:

Used as a rub, generously rub all over your steak 10-15min before grilling. Good for:

  • Steaks, all cuts

  • Steak bites

  • Roasts

  • Ribs

  • Roasts

In burgers or meatballs – mix 2-3 tbsp into your ground beef, with or without other ingredients to bind.

Mix with butter for a flavored butter to finish off your steak or to serve with fresh bread.

Great on popcorn too!


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