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Feature Product - Chili Day Cocoa

Updated: Apr 17

Welcome to Calgary!

For days like today, leaving the house seems like a daunting task. All you really want to do is curl up under an enormous blanket in front of the fire and not move until the spring.

For days like these, our Chili Day Cocoa is the perfect fireside pairing.

We started with high quality cacao, which you can smell the minute you open it. We add Ceylon cinnamon for a mild cinnamon flavor. Done in a Mexican style, what really makes this stand out is the chili line-up, which gives the cocoa some earthiness, flavor and heat. We roast the skim milk powder to a golden brown for a little caramelization and add a little organic cane sugar to balance out the heat.

The result is a cocoa that will warm you up from the inside out on a day like today. But we still highly recommend the blanket and fire as well. Because -40.

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