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Feature Product - Rimmit

Updated: Apr 17

In 2021 Eric was approached about adding to a Father’s Day collaboration box. The box was being coordinated by a local Bison producer and was food and drink themed. Eric was asked to contribute a Caesar rimmer, and the kitchen fun began.

When Naomi tasted it she exclaimed, “F*ck that’s good!”. It was almost called FTG, but Rimmit was a little more politically correct.

Taking it to market to sell, we began to get more feedback on what else people liked using it on. With a layered flavour profile, it paired up well with a lot of things. You get a slight hint of citrus at the start from freshly ground coriander, a touch of dill, the unique addition of smoked sea salt, and a late heat finish from the freshly ground ancho and Morita chilis.

Try Rimmit on anything! Some of our favourite ways include:

• on the rim of a Caesar, as originally intended,

• on the rim of a traditional margarita as a tasty contrast to the tartness of the drink,

• as a rub on salmon,

• as a rub on chicken,

• as a rub on pork,

• on roasted root vegetables,

• on French fries, and

• on popcorn.

What have you tried Rimmit on? Tell us below.

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