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Feature Product - What is catsup?

Updated: Apr 17

We often get asked, isn’t that just ketchup?


Well yes, sort of. Prior to the 1,800’s (yes, it has been around that long), there was only catsup. Catsup was a tomato-based condiment with a slightly sweet and sour flavor. Common ingredients are tomatoes, sugar, salt, vinegar and spices. The original versions did not include tomatoes, but did include shallots, ginger, lemon peel, and even anchovies.

The company Heinz first began producing catsup in 1876. Sometime in the 1880s, Heinz changed the name to Ketchup to distinguish itself from competitors. From then the condiment was more commonly referred to as ketchup, aligning with the brand leader, who was one of the last entrants to the catsup market.


Today Ketchup is found in 97% of American homes according to The Kitchen Community and the average household goes through 3 bottles per person each year. The website Mental Floss note that in 1834 an American Physician named Dr. John Cook claimed tomatoes could cure everything so promoted recipes for tomato based ketchup.

Used widely on almost anything, when you think of catsup French fries, burgers, and hotdogs come to mind. It is also a staple in any household with small children who may or may not eat anything until is it covered in catsup.

Township27 Catsup

Our Township27 Catsup is sugar free! The natural sweetness comes from the tomatoes and a touch of high-quality cinnamon. This mildly spicy condiment goes well with fries, eggs, vegetables, pretty much anything you can imagine. It also serves as an excellent base for your homemade bbq sauce. For an easy bbq sauce, combine our Catsup with one of our pork or poultry rubs. Very versatile, it's kid approved!

Try it today. Shop here.

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