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Kitchen Talk - Where in the World – A Good Recipe Starts with Quality Ingredients

Updated: Apr 17

To make a great product you must start with a great base. The incredible flavor in our products comes from the high-quality fresh ingredients we select. For Township, the products we use are ordered from as close to the source as possible, and as fresh as possible.

Take Paprika for example. Many of the folks we talk to at the markets don’t see the value or realize the flavor paprika can bring to a dish, other than the color red. One smell of Township’s Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika sourced directly from Spain and they are converted. Full of flavor and a deep smoky aroma, this essential spice forms the backbone of many of our signature blends. Flavors like this allow is to keep the sugar and salt low, relying on the ingredients to create the wow factor.

A salt is not just a salt. While we aim to keep salt content low for health reasons, salt can enhance flavor and add complexity to your dishes. At Township 27 we carry 4 different kinds of salt, each with its own unique flavor. We carry the everyday staples, our high quality and sourced Atlantic White Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink. For something special check out our Black Sea Salt from the same producer that brings us our great Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika as a steak finisher, or our unique Smoked Sea Salt from Spain that adds that extra special hint of smoke to any dish.

How do you make a great herb de Provence? Get the ingredients from Provence. Our salt free Herbs de Provence blend features Rosemary and Savory direct from Provence. Authentic flavor can only be achieved with authentic ingredients that haven’t been sitting on a grocery store shelf in a plastic bag, where the color, aroma and flavour can be altered as moisture enters the packaging. It is also why all our spices are in glass jars to preserve the integrity of the ingredient.

Those are just a few examples of a few of the quality ingredients we source and use on our products. In addition to the prepared products we sell, Township also sells all our pantry spices individually or in bulk.

Check back next week as we highlight our comprehensive line of chilis and how to buy for your flavor and spice tolerance.

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